How You Can Support Flexible Working With the Right Tech

How You Can Support Flexible Working With the Right Tech

Kayleigh Reid

27th February 2020  |  Customer Engagement Platform

Working 9-5, it’s not the only way to make a livin’.

Flexible hours and the ability to work from home is quickly becoming a standard HR policy and moving away from being considered a “work perk” within UK companies. A recent Linkedin study has found a 78% increase in jobs advertising flexible working within the last two years, indicating a change in employee expectations.

Working from home is quickly becoming popular with more and more employers. What’s more, with an increased emphasis on employee wellbeing, offering remote working and flexible hours can not only increase employee job satisfaction but with the right technology, it could also increase productivity too.

Here are 6 ways the right Customer Engagement Platform can help support flexible working and benefit your business:

1.    Cloud-based software means that your employees aren’t tied to a server, and you won’t incur the extra costs of a VPN. They can simply log on and have access to everything they need through a single sign-on platform… good internet connection permitting.

2.    Lines of communication are easier than ever with many platforms offering IM and video calling service, meaning you can keep up with your team, wherever they are.

3.    Consolidation of standard practices and procedures means that even global companies can benefit from all users being on the same system. Having the right Customer Engagement Platform in place with full integration features will help to streamline best practices and form open collaborative relationships across multiple offices and locations. This means that motivated employees don’t have to be tied to a desk, but can work their contracted hours flexibly.

4.    Increased productivity will come through an auto-ticketing solution and API technology. The right Customer Engagement Platform can greatly reduce downtime and laborious admin, meaning your experts can get back to doing what they do best.

5.    Gamification elements within a Customer Engagement Platform can incentivise your employees to work more efficiently. Empowering your workforce through point scoring metrics has been shown to increase productivity by bringing rewarding and fun elements to the workplace.

6.    Management Information and analytics make it possible for line managers and employees to take a more open approach to workload and productivity. Topline statistics can help managers to get the answers they need to build their reports without having to interrupt their team.

Not only does flexible working show trust and consideration for your current employees, it can also help to attract new talent to your business.

With open channels of communication and full visibility of workload and productivity, flexible hours and home working has now become easier than ever with technology helping to build trust and communication between employer and employee.

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